Footprint Ethiopia trekking tours seek to give you the best possible experience hiking or climbing Ethiopia’s highest peak, in Semien Mountain.

SIMIEN MOUNTAIN TREKKING Tours offers a challenging journey that culminates in reaching the highest Mount Ras Dashen the 4543-meter (14901 feet) offers stunning mountain scenery and great opportunities for interacting with the locals along with incredible views, landscapes, and memorable moments with others equally in love with nature!

Trekking in Simien provide the opportunities to conquer demanding endless peaks and crag. It was described so eloquently in from Red sea to Blue Nile – a thousand miles of Ethiopia by Rosita Forbes, the formidable traveller who first reached this region in the 1920s
the most marvellous of all Abyssinian landscapes opened before us, as we looked across a gorge of clouded amethyst… a thousand years ago, when the old gods reigned in Ethiopia, they must have played chess with these stupendous crags, for we saw bishops’ maîtres cut in lapis lazuli, castles with the ruby of approaching sunset on their turrets, an emerald knight where the forest crept up on the rock, and far away a king, crowned with sapphire, and guarded by a row of pawns. When the gods exchanged their games for shield and bucklers to fight the new men clamouring at their gates, they turned the pieces of their chessboard in to mountains. In Simien they stand enchanted, till once again the world is pagan and the titans and the earth gods lean down from the monstrous cloud banks to wager a star or two on their sport.
Simien Trekking Tours gives you the bonus to visit many rare species of animals, Gelada or bleeding heart baboon, the Walia Ibex, Ethiopian Wolf and rock hyrax and Over 50 species of birds. The national park has three general botanical regions. The lower slopes have been cultivated and grazed, while the alpine regions (up to 3600m) are forested. The higher lands are mountain grasslands with fescue grasses as well as heathers, splendid Red Hot Pokers and Giant Lobelia.

No matter how you look at them, the Simien Mountains will leave you speechless. For trekkers, the lack of words will be the result of their lungs screaming after slogging up a screed slope at 4200m. For animal- lovers it will be the trepidation of sitting among a group of 100 gelada baboons that zaps their vocabulary. For everyone with a heartbeat, it will simply standing atop a panoramic precipice and looking out over the Abyssinian abyss that takes their breath away.
Weather you come for a stroll or two week trek, the Semien mountains make a great break from the historical circuit’s constant monument-bashing besides the mythical baboons.
The Semien Mountains aren’t to be missed –they undoubtedly rank among Africa’s most beautiful ranges.

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