Bale Trekking Tours takes you to experience epic journeys through the national parks that varied climates harbour a multitude of different ecosystems More than any other park in Ethiopia, the Bale mountains national parks is known for its wildlife. Over 60 mammal species and 260 bird species have been recorded here.
For the hikers out there, there are a multitude of trails along the rolling green hills and this trekker routes cover a relatively small area, and most treks last six days, or four days with a vehicle. Most of Bale Treks is fairly gentle and undemanding, following good, well-trodden paths or sheep tracks. But don’t forget that altitude makes easy-looking terrain quite heavy going.
BALE MOUNTAIN TREKKING TOURS gives you opportunities for unsurpassed mountain walking, horse trekking, scenic driving and the changes to view besides staggering number of bird species and Ethiopia’s endemic mammals like Mountain Nyala and Ethiopian wolf.

Bale Mountain scenery may be less spectacular than the Semien Mountain’s, but it’s certainly no less beautiful. As you approach the park form Dodola, ridges to the east are punctuated with fortress like escarpments, while those to the north are gentler, their rounded rock pinnacles dotting the ridges like worn teeth protruding from an old man’s gums. Within the park, rivers cut deep gorges: alpine lakes feed streams: and water accepts gravity’s fate at several waterfalls. In the lower hills, highlanders canter along century-old paths on their richly caparisoned horses, and the noise of shepherds cracking their whips echoes around the valley. Among the abundant wildflowers, beautiful birds’ such as the malachite and Tacazze sunbird flit about.

Ethiopia Tour Operator arranges hikes and pony/horse treks deeper into the park. Most Bale trekking options last six days, or four days with a vehicle and the most popular trekking option is a three- day horse or pony trek to the Sanetti plateau, which allows you plenty of time to explore the alpine moorland and all but guarantees a sighting of Ethiopian wolf.

Bale Trekking Tours offers a guided wilderness trekking which leads through the juniper forest around the park headquarter, demands a few hours’ exploration as it protects the main concentration of Bale’s mountain Nyala. This exceptionally handsome antelope is abundant in the area, as is the superficially similar but much smaller and more solitary Menelik’s bushbuck.
The walking trail also gives

BALE MOUNTAIN TREKKING TOURS can be adapted to meet the requirements and physical abilities of almost any person – from fairly gentle and undemanding trips to more extreme and physically challenging ones. Visitors are free to horseback ride or hike between campsites. Most trekkers make the journey with a mixture of walking and riding as this provides a varied experience in the mountains – plus climbing to an altitude of over 4000 m above sea level can be tiring. All levels of horseback riding experience can be catered for – the local mountain horses come in a variety of personalities from gentle to high-spirited; thus no prior riding experience is required.

Trek with us to Bale Mountain foothills and hike to a little- known walking trail that gives you to treks in a midst juniper, hagenia woodlands, Afro montane moorland and across the largest Afro alpine moorlands, over rugged and breath-taking mountains, and through thick tropical forest. The diversity of habitats, scenery, and wildlife is awe inspiring. It is one of those special places in Ethiopia where visitors can see rare and endemic wildlife, appreciate the tranquillity of their natural surroundings, and find themselves far from the densely populated cities and towns.
We organizes all Ethiopia Trekking Tours specializes in Bale mountain Treks with all camping equipment s , experienced and professional staffs ,with our own four wheel drive vehicles.

Our Bale Trekking Itineraries and services are suited to everyone from the novice hiker to the experienced technical climber. We have a trip for everyone.
Choose the perfect Bale Trekking Tour Itinerary in the destination and skill level that fits your perfect trekking trip specifications.

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