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Anuak, Nuer and Misingir

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The Anuak people live in villages along the river banks of the lowlands of Gambela and both the Anuak and Nuer people are distinguished from other Ethiopians by their height and very dark skin. In terms of decoration, both groups wear wood or shell and horn necklaces but the Nuer alone receive facial scarrings as part of their initiation into adulthood. Both groups still harvest fish from the river Baro using spears but the Nuer are primarily cattle herders and are more gregarious than the Anuak. The Oromoes, numerically the biggest tribe in the country dominates most of the settlements in the west, they are mixed farmers and they live in very fertile and scenically attractive land. There are some remarkable and colourful weekly markets in the Oromo region which gets the interest of tourists.
Our company now offers a newly designed tour to this region, which is mainly about discovering the origin of coffee and other coffee growing areas in Ethiopia combined with cultural tours and photo safaris. For more information visit our sample tour programs in the itinerary page. Gambella can be reached by air, or by a 2 days road trip.

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