There’s no better place to discover the great outdoors than Ethiopia. Our Bale & Semien Trekking tours allow you to choose your level of activity, from hiking scenic trails to more adventurous pursuits. Designed for all levels of adventure and with optional activities, you can tailor your ideal trip to your level of fitness and budget.
Our optional activities range from trekking in Omo National park, West Ethiopia among Surma People, and horseback riding in the Wild West, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you choose a camping or hotel based tour, you have everything you need to enjoy the ultimate individual or group multi activity adventure.

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Ethiopia offer an incredibly varied landscape of mountains, lakes and canyons, and it is best enjoyed on foot. For those with a passion for walking or trekking, or simply those with an extra taste for adventure, our walking holidays are the perfect choice. If you ask virtually any of our tour leaders and most of our travellers to name their favourite activity on tour, the trekking and hikes in Simien and Bale National Parks, Omo National Park among Surma People and wilderness areas invariably rank first.
There is truly no more inspiring, exhilarating and rewarding way to experience some of the most captivating and wondrous areas of this continent. So much so, we decided to design complete walking tours around them.
Hiking for all abilities Our walking tours are designed for active adults and offer a well-paced mix of walks for all levels of fitness. Most walks are of moderate difficulty and are up to four six hours in length. For the more adventurous, there are often optional longer, moderate to strenuous hikes up to eight hours long in some destinations.

Our leaders enjoy spending as much time as possible on the trail with their groups. As interests and capabilities vary, our leaders will typically guide day hikes according to group’s needs and the difficulty of particular hikes.

With our tour leaders on each of our trekking/ hiking trips, they will either guide separate hikes or offer additional activities and support. However, it will not always be possible for every hiker to be accompanied by a guide when groups divide up to explore different trails. Our tour leaders also handle all the driving and tour logistics en-route to ensure you maximise your time on holiday.
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If hiking is your ideal vacation then try one of Adventure life’s Ethiopia Trekking tours!

ETHIOPIA TREKKING TOURS gives you a rewarding life experience for hikers and lovers of history and culture. Immerse yourself in legendary tales of the ancient Abyssinian Empire. If hiking is your ideal vacation then try one of Ethiopia Adventure Life’s trekking tours!

Best Ethiopia Trekking Tour Destinations
The most renowned Ethiopia trekking and hiking destinations are Simien Mountain and Bale Mountain with the trekking itineraries that start from 3 and 18 days in length. Perhaps you’ve already been to Simien or Bale and are looking for something different in Ethiopia? Our Ethiopia Trekking Tours offers several options that are off the beaten path. Such as Trekking tours in Surma people, Trekking tours in Omo National Parks that offer natural and cultural wonders and rarely seen by tourists. Learn more about these adventures from our route We offers a multitude of options to popular and off the beaten truck Ethiopia Hiking & Treks Destination.

Footprints Ethiopia Tour Operator Difference on Ethiopia Adventure Holiday

With years of experience under our belt and an established base of operations in Addis Ababa has become the single largest Ethiopia Tour operator, sending over hundreds lucky travelers out on the trek every year.
Our support staff are all recruited, trained and employed from local communities that we are intimately involved with, and we meet the highest working condition standards in the business for our local staff that will help you along the way.
Our porters, cooks, and guides are top-notch and will amaze you with their local knowledge of the fascinating history and of their traditional cultures. Nights will be spent camping under the stars in our own high-quality tents and camping equipment, set up and maintained by our trusty support staff, meaning you don’t have anything other than the trek itself to focus on. Come experience this once-in-a-lifetime with us!

Let our Ethiopia Tour Operator make all the arrangements for your Ethiopia Trekking Tours to go on Simien Mountain Trekking Tours & Bale Mountain Treks with all camping equipment s, experienced and professional staffs, with our own four wheel drive vehicles.

Choose our Ethiopia Trekking Tour Itineraries’ in the destination and skill level that fits your perfect trekking trip specifications.